Jamie West MPP, Sudbury

Government of Ontario

Suporting Quality Long Term Care Homes

Petition to amend the LTC Homes Act (2007) for a legislated minimum care standard of 4 hours per resident per day, adjusted for acuity level and case mix. 

Please download the petition here

Thank you for taking the initiative to collect petition signatures! Your work raising awareness and advocating for this important issue is incredibly valuable. I encourage you to share the petition with friends, family, and members of your community.
Please note that for the petition to be presented in the legislature:

1. All signatures on the petition must contain names, addresses and original signatures.

2. Original petitions need to be sent to my Community or Queen's Park Office. Photocopied petitions cannot be presented in the legislature.

3. Please include your name and address with the petitions you submit. We will notify you when the petitions you collected are read at Queen's Park.